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Welcome to Marholmen - an island in the archipelago of Stockholm

Marholmen is an island located in Roslagen archipelago, with a bridge to the mainland only one hour från Stockholm, Uppsala and Arlanda. Check out our new interactive map to see what you can do during your stay.

Marholmen is like no other place in Sweden. The moment you cross the bridge, a new world opens up. An independent island for those who seek for relaxation, job satisfaction or wonderful experiences. Our hierarchy is reversed. We who lead the kingdom do so for one single purpose - make you, our customer, to feel like a king or a queen. Our only law is that you should never wanna leave us. But when you do, we want you to carry us with you long after you reached your home.

Everyone has their own Marholmen. We offer conferences with activities for internal cohesion, kickoffs that provide motivation, playgrounds and bathing for families with children on a day trip, weddings, parties of all kinds and relaxation in the Swedish archipelago.

Relaxation or activation, it sums up our whole idea of Marholmen as a place for everyone. You will feel the Roslagen nature in both our food and our activities. The beach is always bathrobe distance from your door and the island's various possibilities of accommodation makes Marholmen a place for family and friends.

Our accommodations

We offer a wide range of accommodations, everythin from hotel to an Art Noveau Villa and smaller cabins. Choose an accommodation that suits your plans, either if you are traveling with your friends, family or by yourself.

Stay at our Hotel - Right by the water

Our archipelago hotel is still breathing new. Marholmen's hotel opened up in Janurary 2016. We want you to feel the closeness to Roslagen when you stay with us and therefore every room has its own balcony or terrace and the interior design has been inspired by the local fauna.

The hotel have 50 double rooms and is located in the main building, as is the restaurant and spa.

To book your visit please visit our online booking page where you can choose English as your language.

"Very pleasant! Comfortable beds & nice crew." - Sari, Google recensioner

Rent a cabin or a house in the archipelago of Stockholm

At Marholmen we have a lot of different houses for rent. We have 47 "Marholmsstugor", perfect for the family or a couple of friends with its 3 bedrooms and 6 beds. The cabin have a kitchen where you can cook your own meals, a dinner area for 6 persons and a living room with a fireplace and TV. In this cabin you share one bathroom, the cabin has its own sauna. Almost like your own summerhouse in Sweden but you can rent it whenever it fits you, all year around.

We also have bigger houses for rent with up to 14 single rooms in one house. Please get in touch with us at reception@marholmen.se if you want our help to choose the right cabin or house for your purpose.

SPA Mareld - Spa and Relax

Marholmens SPA Mareld is your refuge every day, all year. In our steam room, the sky is lit and the pool is made of natural stone from Gotland. During your rest in our spa you will have a view of both the shore, piers and the archipelago. But do not think about it, just feel it.

To visit us, to escape from the day a while whether you are here for a one-hour workout at the gym or a long weekend. Let your mind rest while the body is cared for by a warm dry sauna or get full attention from one of our spa therapist with a treatment.

Food and Drink

The food is an important part of the overall experience when you visit our island. We want Marholmen to be experienced with all senses, thats why the taste is important when you visit us. Our chefs prepare all meals from scratch, using fresh local ingredients and fresh spices. We offer breakfast buffé, lunch, brunch (only on Saturdays and Sundays) and a la carte dinner menu all evenings except for Sundays.

To see more pictures visit our Swedish site for the restaurant.

"Great food, nice surroundings and a very friendly, service minded staff." - Kaj, Google recensioner
"Nice lunch and nice walking areas" - Jeanette, Google recensioner

To do when you visit us

Go on a day trip or book a weekend of adventure in Roslagen archipelago outside of Stockholm. Bring friends and family for a day on the beach, a game of miniature golf or paintball.

The beach is close to Grosshandlargården, our summer restaurant and a café, just by the beach where you can buy ice cream and something to drink. You can rent a boat for the day to go fishing or see the surrounding area, canoes and kayaks and rowing boats.

We also have a lot of nice, car-free, roads on the island, great for biking with kids. A big playground is located in the center of the island close to the multi court and the adventure mini golf.

Take a look at Marholmen Map.

Book your visit

Please don't hesitate to contact us about any questions you might have!

Tel: +46 771 16 17 00

E-mail: reception@marholmen.se

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